Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Pretty Pink "Kira Clutch"

Since the first time I saw a felted handbag, I have been intrigued. I am a very novice knitter and not real saavy on following knitting patterns. I really need to take some lessons (I am in the process of finding a good instructor) and in the meantime I decided to just make something up. I have to say that this project was really easy and super rewarding.
First off what I did know is that when knitting a piece to be felted you use large needles and that your stitches need not be perfect. With that in mind, I went out and bought some really beautiful 100% wool yarn, some beautiful fabric that I thought would compliment the yarn, and size 15 knitting needles.
Next,I cast on enough stitches to equal 15" or so and knit a rectangle, 15"x23". I then found felting instructions (the easiest I could find) and felted my rectangle. When I figured it was done (when you couldn't see the stitches anymore) I rinsed the piece and rolled it up in a dry towel to get out the excess water. I then blocked the rectangle, on a dry towel using straight pins tokeep it in place while drying.
After the piece was completly dry, I laid the piece on the beautiful fabric and marked the shape of the rectangle plus 1". I then ironed the raw edge of the fabric unber in the shape of the rectangle. Note: the rectangle will not be perfect, that is what gives your clutch charm. I used a magnetic closure and applied it as per the package instructions. Next step is to hand blind stitch the fabric onto the felted piece, this will become your lining. After you finish fold your clutch and stitch the sides with the yarn used to knit the felted piece. You can also add a button or some other cool embellishment to the top of the closure.

I hope this wasn't too hard to follow, I will add illustrations at a later date.

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