Sunday, November 23, 2008

Make These Earings!

I promised yesterday the I would show you all how to make these really cute earrings, so here goes.

What you need is:

Flower lace trim (or any other fabric, or lace use your imagination), Fabric stiffener, two jump rings, two eye pins, two earring components, beads of your choice, basic jewelry tools(needle nose pliers, and wire cutter)

Next you want to cut the trim into individual flowers, and apply fabric stiffener.

After the flowers have dried and are hardened, you poke a hole in one of the petals with a pin. Then you will put the jump ring into the hole. The next step is to put the eye pin on to the jump ring. Add your beads to the eye pin, and make a loop with your needle nose pliers.

Next just attach your earring component and voila!, you have these cute and easy to make earrings. You can go wild with this technique, here is an example of some earrings I made with some cute skull fabric. With these I used chain and attached the beads with head pins to the chain.
Have fun making these, and please leave comments or if you have any questions, just ask!

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