Thursday, November 20, 2008

Craft Swaps

A Few Pieces I Have Made For Craft Swaps

I have to say that I have my creativity has been rekindled by doing craft swaps. What are craft swaps?, you might ask, well they are simply an organized partnering of crafters and artisans that swap their work usually in a themed swap. I learned about swaps on this awesome forum website where artists,crafters, designers or anyone who creates can network.
I stumbled across this site one night when I was surfing the web, and was hooked. I started out as a voyeur, looking at all of the beautiful, interesting, and sometimes bizarre creations that people posted. This sparked my creative spirit, and I began making pieces and posting them for my fellow crafters to give feedback. If you ever need a self esteem boost this works great, as everyone there is so supportive.
I started reading other crafters talking about making an items for swaps, and became curious. I went on the swap board, checked out the swaps, signed up for my first swap and have been hooked ever since. I have received some really cool stuff from these swaps, and the excitement of getting a surprise package in the mail is almost too much.
So if you are thinking of doing a swap just remember, they are addicting, so swap at your own risk.

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