Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Give the Gift of Life

It will be 6 years in February that I lost my youngest son and four of his close friends in an alchohol related automobile accident. I am VERY passionate about stopping drinking and driving. I came up with an important gift I hope will save lives.
My baby Matthew
2-13-1986 to 2-5-2005

If you have friends or family that like to go out and have a good time at parties, clubs, bars etc...
This is a thoughtful, inexpensive, and life saving gift to give to your loved ones.
Just print up this certificate, roll it up and put a ribbon around it and you have a gift that will possibly save theirs or others lives.


I am Giving you the Gift of Life and Safety!


This Coupon is Good for a Night of Being Your Designated Driver



(Insert Clip Art) optional

If You Are Going Out For a Night of Celebration

Give Me a Week’s Notice and I Will Be Your

Designated Driver

I am Giving This to You Because

I Love You and Want You Around

For a Long, Long Time!

I am wishing you a Happy and Safe Holiday to you and yours.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Felting Your Crochet or Knit Projects

In my Day 48 video, "How to Make a Crochet and Felted Headband" I teach you how to crochet this cute headdband.
This image is after felting. Here are the instructions for felting your headband:
1. Place your finished pieces in a lightweight pillowcase and tie a loose knot at the top of the pillowcase.
2. Start your washing machine with hot water, and wait until the washing machine has filled with hot water.
3. When the machine starts to agitate, place the pillow case into machine.
4. After 5 minutes of agitating, take out pillowcase, open it up and check your pieces. Wring them gently with your hands to see progress.
5. If not completely felted, place back in pillowcase and into the machine. Set your machine to beginning of cycle so it will keep agitating. Check every five minutes until your pieces are completely felted. This should take approximately 16 to 25 minutes.
6. When your pieces are done take out and gently wring with your hands and lay between a folded towel to remove excess water, form the pieces to correct shape if neccessary.
7. Let dry completely.