Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fear the Beard

I went to the S.F. Giants Game on Wednesday with a group of friends from work, we had a blast!  In case you are not a baseball fan, the Giants have a pitcher named Brian Wilson, who has grown this huge beard this season. So, one of my co-workers wives had a brilliant idea and made a "Rally Beard" Sign, and cut out beards from Faux fur that we Duct taped to our faces. Needless to say we got some attention and we were even on T.V.        
Having fun at the game with our Rally Beards on!!

So I had an idea to make "My version of the Rally Beard" and make it one of my daily videos!
Here is Day 15, "How to make a Rally Beard or a Beard for your Costume"
You can use these beards for your Halloween costumes as well.

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