Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Felting Wool Sweaters for Crafting Day 36

In the day 36 video, I show you how to make a very cute felted wool garland, that is so easy to make.  The garland in this tutorial is red and green, but the color combination possibilities are limitless. 

You say "But I've never felted wool sweaters before", no worries it is really easy!  First off, go to the thrift store and find some 100% wool sweaters and then follow these instructions.  I have used felted wool for countless craft projects, here is the garland I made for this video:
My camera case is made from a felted sweater.
I also made this necklace out of felted cashmere and some beads for a swap
And a few more, some baby girl shoes and a wrist pincushion
Crafting with felted wool is rewarding and easy. The edges do not need to be treated, because once the felting process is complete the wool will not fray!

Thank you for watching my videos, and if you have any suggestions and/or comments please feel free to leave them here, on my facebook fan page or on my Youtube channel.  Happy Crafting!

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