Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Year Later...

I have been wanting to get my blog going forever!! I have been pondering several ideas on what would make my blog different from other crafting blogs, and I realized "just make it your own, Julie"

I have a YouTube channel with almost 1000 subscribers of crafty tutorials that has been semi-successful. I am always asking myself, "what if" What if I had been posting more tutorials? I know I have a mind chock full of ideas. "What if" What if I had consistent postings to my Blog? I know if I write people will read.

I am so fed up with the "what ifs" and know is the time to DO!

My commitment is to do a blog post and video a day for 365 days. Sure there are tons of "365 days" blogs, some succeed and some fizzle out...

Here are a few of my inspirations, of course the movie "Julie and Julia" sparked the inspiration. Here are a few more that have sparked my creative juices:
This woman decided to give $100.00 a day to charity.
legomyphoto This is a unique 365 blog of Lego photos. Check it out is really unique, and to quote the author
"Why you should do this
So this is my message to you. I’ve learned more over the course of this project, by just taking a photo every day, than I ever did while trying to working under the deadlines of the newspapers and the magazines that I shot for. I wasn’t working under a creative director or for a client, it was personal work that allowed me to stretch my wings creatively and to learn at my own pace. Others began to notice the work I was doing and now wanted to hire me to shoot the brand of photography that I had desperately wanted to shoot all along.
So if you’re looking to get serious about your craft, why not challenge yourself to a photo a day with the only model that’s always available and as passionate as you are about it… yourself!"

So, I AM serious about my craft and beginning Sept 15, 2010, I will post a crafty tutorial and blog post for 365 days.

And Thank you to Crissy of Indie Biz Chicks for inspiring me!

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