Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Creative Process...

In doing this 365 days of craft videos I have a definite creative process. I wake up in the morning, and scan my brain (my filing system, LOL) and come up with an idea for the day. I then get all of my supplies ready and shoot. So far this is working out great, and we'll see if I need to get more organized??

On day 5 i show you "How to make embellished headbands". Headbands are so hot right now and it seems the more funky the better. Check out day 5, I also posted a bonus video for day 5, "How to make the perfect bow"

On Day 6 I show you "How to make a pair of fun and funky earrings" using yummy Amy Butler fabric and fabric stiffener.

I am currently having technical difficulties getting that video to upload, and am currently working to figure out the issue. Day six WILL be posted shortly!

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