Monday, August 31, 2009

More Thrifted Goodness

I have had the most amazing thrifting karma lately. Check out my goodies and you will agree...

This delicious 100% cotton ribbon yarn, it's like t-shirt material. I am making a market bag out of this, I will post it when I am done. I got 12 skeins for 7.96, they retail for 8.95 per skein.

Designer yarn 18 skeins for $7.96 for all 18, retails for $11.95 per skein. 50% Alpaca, and 50% wool, yummy. I'd say that's a steal!

Vintage Trim, I love the 70's colors!! and 240 yoyos in all diffrerent colors, for $2.98, WOW!

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